Leibster Award

In March 2014 I was very blessed to be nominated/recognized with a Leibster Award.

Click the image to see a post by Julie who nominated me!

Click the image to see a post by Julie who nominated me!

I read about it a bit more and thought it was such a cool program.  I thought I would make a permanent page here to share it with you.

The point of the Leibster Award is to discover, share, and recognize new or small blogs.  As a a general rule you should nominate blogs with less than 200 followers, although it’s not a strict regulation.  Any blog you read and enjoy can be nominated, simply write a post about or contact them to nominate.  You can also include a questionnaire to encourage them to share more about themselves.

When you are nominated you should write a post recognizing your nomination, and in turn you should search through your blogs and nominate more people.

It seems like the original sites about the Leibster Award have disappeared, but here is a link to one which provides a good overview.

My nomination was so exciting!  I never imagined as a new blogger that I would be recognized in such a way.  The most exciting thing was finding out that people enjoyed reading my blog and decided to give me a shout-out.

Stay tuned for my nominees!


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