“The greatest gift that a young person can experience is to travel and learn the world.”

Blissful, adventurous, curious and constantly in a state of awe.  If you were looking to describe me, those would probably be the words!  I’m a young professional in my 20s who is always rushing into the next adventure.  As a result, I have started a blog in order to take a bit of time for myself and record all that has been happening so that someday I can read back on all of this and hopefully thing that I lead an awesome life.

I will (probably) touch on many different topics here.  I hope that I can use this blog to help other young individuals, like myself, transition into productive and satisfying lives.  I hope to inspire them to work hard and never give up when they face push-backs.  I am a full-time worker as well as a graduate student part-time – so trust me young folks, when you say you are tired or that nobody understands – I understand!

I write using a fake name, Ashley.  It’s only half-fake though, it’s a middle name that I usually give when I want to avoid explaining to people how to spell or pronounce my real name.



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