Be Happy

I’ve been quite busy lately, running around the city doing errands.  It’s tiring, but I don’t mind, I’m happy that I can finally go where I want without having to worry about the weather forecast.  It looks like winter has finally loosened it’s grip on the Ottawa Valley.  The snowbanks are melting rapidly, although they do look quite terrible at the moment.  I’ve been able to shed my down-filled jacket for around a week now, my leather one has been sufficient so long as I dress warmly.  Everybody seems to be in a cheerful mood, it’s exciting to see.

I know there are many people out there who will say that we should stop complaining about the winter because, we Canadians, should be used to it by now.  I wonder if people who live in the desert ever complain about how dry and hot it is.  Yes, as a Canadian I am quite used to winter.  I couldn’t imagine a year without seeing the snow.  Not all winters are built the same, some are truly harsh and I think this sometimes warrants a bit of grumbling.

Of course, after these types of seasons the next is always that much sweeter.  I am so excited that the days are getting longer, already planning how I will spend my weekends off hitting trails on my bike.  I dream about BBQs and farmers markets and time spent with friends on the patios.  I can’t wait to throw open the windows and enjoy a nice tea on the balcony on a steamy morning.  I have such a zest for life now, something that had steadily been disappearing as the winter dragged on.

I have come up with many new projects to keep myself busy.  I bought a new hybrid bicycle for commuting to work, I bought some new warm weather clothes and various miscellaneous objects in my favourite spring colours.  Best of all, I’m looking forward to my first vacation in almost three years.  I can’t wait to travel, less than two weeks to go!

I thought this vacation would be the perfect time to start a few new things.  First, I’ve never quite documented my travels.  I have photos, but sometimes I look at them and don’t remember much.  This sort of made me sad.  So I bought a travel journal today while at the bookstore.  I had never thought of doing this before, but I think each evening I will write a little bit about my adventure.  I’m putting pen to paper, hoping that someday I can pass this journal along to my descendants.  I hope they think I had wonderful adventures and are inspired to have their own.

That’s where the title of this post comes from – what was written on the cover of the book.  I saw these words and instantly my day grew brighter.  I had so many great ideas.  I also ordered a few cookbooks which should be here by the time I am back from vacation, and these will go hand in hand with my new cycle-commuting season.  I hope it is warm enough when I get back!

For me, the spring is the time to make new resolutions, not New Years.  In the winter, it can be so hard to maintain inspiration when you are cold and tired all the time.  With the spring and the sun comes a new type of energy.  What are you doing with yours?

2014-04-05 18.44.39-2


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