Artistic Hearts

Everybody should have an artistic pursuit!  I honestly believe that it is essential to being happy in our busy world.  Some people might say they aren’t artistic but I think that is because they are too focused on creating something which will be considered beautiful by other people.  That turns it into work, having to impress others.  If we focus on creating things that are beautiful to us I think we are more successful.  Anything can be turned into art.  I could create maps which are artistic if I put my own spin on them.  Photography, dance, visual arts, music, crafts.  I think they make our world much more interesting.

I’ve always enjoyed photography.  The other day I brought out my camera to charge it for an upcoming business trip.  I’m not sure why but I just paused and thought about it a bit longer.  This tiny green camera had been one of my most favourite possessions a few years ago.  I had saved up quite a bit of money for it and spent my first day running around the neighbourhood snapping photos.  Since I moved to Ottawa, I haven’t really brought it out.  It’s so convenient to just use a smartphone and instantly share photos.  I’ve always thought that my phone can’t hold a candle to a real camera, even if it is 5 or 6 years old now.

When I first moved here I thought that I should reward myself by purchasing a DSLR after I had saved some money.  I planned to go hiking and exploring, and bring my camera with me.  Somehow I became sidetracked and soon I owned a car and had to buy furniture, and my $1000 camera simply wasn’t a goal I could keep.  Gradually I forgot all about it.  This year will be different – I am definitely going to get it.

Until then I have my little lime green point-and-shoot.  It takes beautiful photos!  It’s obviously not very good with the zoom but It’s always done a beautiful job in macro shots.  Of course there are expensive cameras that are better, but I think these photos are beautiful and that’s all that matters.

What’s your artistic pursuit?


3 responses to “Artistic Hearts

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    • Hi Julie, thank you so much for your comments and readership. I am so lucky to have been nominated and so happy that I am writing something that you can enjoy.

      I hope that my blog continues to grow and touch readers like you. 🙂

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