Day Five: Making a house into a home


So I’ve decided that I am going to continue with Zero to Hero, despite it being taken down in a couple of days.  I’m going to do as many things as I can which apply to my blog.  I really enjoy watching it grow and the number of people who have visited since I’ve done this challenge has been so wonderful.

Today’s challenge is supposed to be about making your blog yours by finding a theme which you like.  It’s sort of like finding a new home.  If you live in a place you don’t like you will never be happy or comfortable there.  Well, if your blog does not have an appearance you like you might not be happy or comfortable there either.  I’m a very visual person so having a blog that is pretty to look at is just as important as writing interesting content.

When I was younger I taught myself some basic website design and photoshop skills.  I think it originally started from playing on Neopets when I was in highschool.  Geez, I really dated myself there.  Anyways, in Neopets you could have guilds or groups, basically a place where a bunch of users with similar interest gathered.  Sometimes it was people who liked anime, or people who liked to battle, whatever it was it was sort of like a club.  Well, one of the ways to grow and attract people to your club was to have a nice design for your guild.  You had a very small space to work with and there were so many techniques to beautify it.  So that’s where it started for me, wanting to make beautiful guilds.

From there it grew.  Top guild designers graduated and eventually made up real websites.  Usually they used these sites to share free layouts they made so that people who couldn’t make them could still have nice guilds.  From there they grew and ones who were lucky enough to have their own domains and website would start hosting other sites – and it just continued to grow.  Eventually I also had my own website, (note the domain no longer belongs to me and is instead some sort of Japanese shopping site).  I managed to find my old Deviantart account which had an old website layout on it.


I actually still think it looks nice.  Will you look at that copyright date?!?  I can’t believe I made this 8 years ago…  What were your hobbies 8 years ago?

So, if you haven’t been here for a couple of days you will notice that there has been some layout changes.  I liked the idea of the old layout, with the image on the side, but the font was waaayyy too big on my screen.  Unfortunately it would require an upgrade to remove it – maybe some day in the future.  For now I’ve settled on this theme.  I made a quick custom header at the top and set it up to have featured content.  All in all I think it is bright, airy and easy to read.  I look forward to adding to it as time goes on!



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