Day Four: Zero to Hero is gone??


So, sadly Zero to Hero is coming to an end.  I’m a little bit sad about it because I thought it was a fun challenge for beginners.  I could still do it but I thought that it might be better to stop.  I was really enjoying it but because I’m not entirely new to blogging, some of the daily challenges weren’t as applicable to me, or I wanted to complete them ahead of the day they were scheduled for.  For example, notice anything different?  When I was taking breaks from studying today I did a little bit of housekeeping.  My previous theme wasn’t working for me.  I think it’s that there wasn’t enough white space and the fonts were really big on my screen.  So here I am with something a bit more refreshing.  Do you like it?

One of the great things about Zero to Hero, even though I only completed three days of it, is that it really forced me to think more about this blog.  Even in the short time of the challenge I found my original blogging idea had transformed.  Sure I would like to post about my thoughts but I would also just like to share my daily life as well.  I found myself thinking today that some of my past posts didn’t show my true personality yet.  Over the course of the challenge I became more confident and able to express myself.  At first I was so concerned about writing something which would be informative, and they started to feel a bit like essays.  I think that’s been a recurring problem with my blogging and why I always end up quitting.

So this time I am just going to be myself.  I might tell bad jokes, or post poorly conceived pictures, but at the end of the day does it really matter?  Of course I am still going to try to be informative but I also just want to have fun.  That’s what blogging should be all about, having fun!  Lord knows I have enough to deal with between school and work – I can’t believe I was almost making my blog into yet another job!

So over the next day or so I will be doing some work with perfecting this space as my own.  I especially look forward to updating my about page so that you can all learn a bit more about me.  Right now it is pretty short and impersonal.  Don’t look yet, trust me, it’s brutal!

See you soon loves!


2 responses to “Day Four: Zero to Hero is gone??

  1. I’ve got to say – I found you because of the Zero to Hero tag. There are plenty of us out there that are still working on the challenge! I’m a special needs mom and have not had time to finish myself! It doesn’t have to be something you work on daily. Try setting a goal number of hours to work on your blog per week. A goal that is easily attainable! I’ll be following your blog to see what comes next 🙂 Happy Blogging!

    • Hi Julie!

      I really love that the Zero to Hero tag has generated a community with purpose. It’s all about newbies having goals to encourage them to continue blogging and also to connect with other new bloggers. I agree with you that having goals is important, just as important as having direction or purpose. I hope you continue to enjoy my blog and best of luck with your own blogging journey. 🙂


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