Day Three: What’s on my mind

Hello.  Today’s post for Zero to Hero is supposed to be all about the first post I wanted to write which inspired me to create this blog.  Well, since I actually started this blog at the beginning of the year I think I have already done that.  My first post, It’s O.K., was all about how I felt after the New Year.  I encourage you to read it, but it might be a little rambly.  I decided at the beginning of the year that I wanted to stop living my life by following the expectations of others.  That includes blogging!  In the past I’ve heard people say things that indicated they thought blogging was a strange activity.  Some people see it as attention seeking or maybe even hipster.  I have nothing against hipsters and I have nothing against seeking attention.  We all need different things to fulfill our lives after all, who are we to judge what other people need?

So since that is already done, what do I do now?  Well, I thought it would be fun to try and list all the things I could remember thinking about this evening// the list was too long so I decided to only do my thoughts I had while driving//. Let’s see how many thoughts stand out and how random they are :).  I’m trying to keep them in order but no promises.

On my way to my appointment this evening:

  • I should probably go now, I wonder how traffic is.
  • It’s cold, warm up faster car!
  • Hope nobody is driving like a psycho and hits me when I’m reversing.
  • Why are the cars always perfectly spaced so I can’t make my turn?
  • I hope the potholes in this lane aren’t crazy.  They almost broke my car the other day.
  • How is it possible to have so many buses in one spot?
  • Here’s my chance to get around the bus, nobody be mean and cut me off please!
  • It’s yellow… do I stop?  No.  There was probably enough time.  Oh well, already done.
  • That highway merge was easy.
  • Hey look they repainted the lines, you can actually see them now.
  • There’s a police car behind me… keep cool.  What if he’s running my plates?  Wait, I didn’t do anything wrong.
  • They made the cherry pickers on the cop cars smaller… trying to be discrete huh?
  • Why do people always try to speed past in the lane with street parking?
  • You have more than enough room, would you hurry up and get in here?  You’re lucky I’m nice.
  • Wow that bus just sped by me so close I thought I was going to lose a mirror.
  • So many pedestrians… SO MANY PEDESTRIANS!!
  • I don’t see much parking, I hope I don’t have to park on the next block.
  • Oh look parking spots.
  • So glad there is so much room that I don’t have to do the reverse parallel park.

On my way home from my appointment.

  • Oh good, no parking ticket.  That would have been a pain.
  • I’m parked on a skating rink… I hope I can actually get out of the spot.
  • Wow the car is moving like it’s on pavement.
  • How nice of this light to be green for me!
  • I’m sure if my mom was here she would be scolding me for not taking that turn.  I’m not a daredevil, I’ll protect my $30k investment.
  • Can’t believe there’s so much ice I thought that was a bike lane.
  • Why is everybody stopping?
  • I don’t think I’m in the right lane.
  • Oh wait… I keep forgetting this intersection is weird and I am in the right lane.
  • Highway or streets?  Traffic or traffic lights?
  • Looks like it’s the highway.
  • Look buddy, it’s a double merge lane onto the highway.  Like it or not you have to let someone in.
  • Traffic…..
  • What kind of car is that behind me?  It looks like a disfigured VW Beetle.
  • Oh look I’m the only one in the lane!
  • Hope nobody honks me… I can’t tell which lane people are in because of the construction pylons.
  • Alright, let’s turn.
  • This light better not change on me…
  • Gas is expensive.
  • Stop at the grocery store or not?
  • Whenever I drive in this lane I feel that everybody else thinks I’m being an asshat and just trying to zoom past them.  Don’t worry guys, I fully intend to turn and not drive until the lane ends.
  • I wonder if I can coast from the light all the way to my parking spot.
  • I wonder if I can coast from the driveway entrance to my parking spot.
  • This is taking too long, I have to use gas.
  • Wow my neighbour practically parked in my spot…
  • Good job car!

And that’s about it!  Actually, I had a great time going through this!


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