Day One: Who am I?

This clearly isn’t the actual Day One for this blog, but I thought I would try the Zero to Hero 30 Day challenge!  The challenge for Day One is to tell all of you a little bit about me and why I am here.

So… who am I?

Do we want to get into the philosophical side of this question or just go through the regular answers?  In the real world, aka the me that strangers see in the street, I am a woman in my mid-twenties living and working in the capital city of Canada, Ottawa.  I’ve lived here for two years and am still incredibly homesick.  I grew up in a small city in the lush farmlands of Southwestern Ontario.  It’s probably unfair but I find myself comparing Ottawa and the surrounding area to where I grew up and just feel that Ottawa is awful, sometimes. By day I am a geographer and by night I am a student.  Yes, it’s exhausting!

Now if we want to delve a bit deeper, say into the side of me that my closest friends know, the picture changes a bit.  First and foremost, I am restless.  I always feel like I need to be moving somewhere or seeing something new.  For the most part I am out and about on weekends because I feel like I just need to be moving in order to show that I live a life of purpose.  I work hard and keep to myself but am always available for my friends.  I’m a little bit goofy, a little bit childish, but I push myself to the limits.  I love physical challenges and have a keen appreciation for nature.  My dream is to own a nice camera and just to bike and hike to incredible places and capture beautiful moments.

The second part of this post is supposed to be for why I’m here.

Well, I’m here because I really enjoy writing.  I may not have perfect grammar or the ability to articulate with interesting words, but I just enjoy writing.  Sometimes I have the biggest need to just drop what I am doing and put my thoughts into text.  I used to keep a personal journal which I would write in when I visited Starbucks.  I’ve opened this blog because I can take it with me anyplace I go.

This will be my personal blog, but not in the sense that I am going to post daily photos about what I am eating or wearing.  It’s more for my thoughts or to bring attention to something I’ve found interesting or touching.  Maybe I’ll share some of my adventures with you in order to inspire you to find adventures of your own.  It’s really all up in the air and I’m happy to leave it all to chance!

So, I just want to take a second to thank you for reading and I hope that eventually we will all become great friends. 🙂


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